Tips to make electronic gadgets last longer

Tips to Make Electronic Gadgets Last Longer
Tips to Make Electronic Gadgets Last Longer

In today’s era, most of the people are fond of their gadgets they use like cell phones, digital cameras, iPods, laptops, tablets and many more. You must be daily seeing many new gadgets arriving in the market, but it is not possible for you to purchase all these expensive tech toys  especially when your previous gadget is working properly.

If you are also a gadget freak and can not resist purchasing the hottest new electronics in Delhi, then you must also know the things that can be done to make your expensive gadget last as longer as possible.

Switch off the gadgets

A very simple thing many fail to do is to switch of the gadget when, not in use. If you cannot switch them off often, at least make sure, the device is switched off when it is not in use for a long duration or there is much of idle time. The reason is that the power is drained when the device is not in use and, as a result, the efficacy of the device is lost when it is switched on.

Care for the battery

Take care of your battery by not charging the gadget once you see the battery mark diminishing as still it has enough charge to continue the chores. It is advisable to drain the battery at least once or twice a week and then charge it completely. The device continues to function perfectly as long as the battery is strong.

Protect the gadget with a cover

Most people end up in damaging the phones just because they are careless. When a phone or tablet is dropped, or too much of dust and dirt is accumulated, the device stops functioning. You can get the hazard out of the way by simply protecting it with a good cover so as to avoid common wear and tear. Moreover, it is not only important to protect the body of the device but also the screen. This is an exposed area in the gadgets like phone and tablet and hence requires good care. Covers for the screen are available in the market which can prevent the screen from shock and dirt.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Your gadget will not function properly if you often expose it to the extreme temperatures. You should refrain from doing the following, leaving the device in direct sunlight, keeping the device next to iron, oven, top of a vehicle, or any other hot surface. When you expose the gadget to such abnormal temperatures, you can witness that the screen gets locked, or there are interruptions in the functioning of the device, and the gadget may even stop working altogether.  It is not only the hot surface you need to bother but also the cold ones.

Close the apps

When you are not using any of the applications of your mobile phone or tablet, you need to close them. Even without your notice few apps may be active behind the screen. Make it sure to close them too. Though you do not feel it a hindrance, but the apps actually are draining your battery.

Keep away from water

Make sure that you leave your mobile phone or tablet away when you enter into the swimming pool or bathroom or even during steam baths. In case, the device is dropped in to water, dry the device immediately after taking the battery out.

Clean device lasts long

Use microfiber cloths to clean the screen, and for the headphone, speakers and jacks use q-tip. Clean the gadget regularly and enjoy optimum performance.

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  1. Taking care of the battery is the number one, most important thing you can do. It surprises many people how much havoc a bad battery can cause.

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