Think social media; don’t worry about SEO


DEAR BLOGGERS, INVEST YOUR TIME ON SOCIAL MEDIA NOW. Blogger Gary Arndt suggests that, for the majority of bloggers, social media is better investment than SEO (search engine optimization) because “social media solves the authority dilemma” while search engine like “Google loves brands“. Besides coming up with good contents, bloggers could engage conversation across social media outlets, “something a faceless brand can never do.”

How about search-algorithms thing? Yeah, indeed, you don’t need to ignore it –because to some extent search engine still needs it– but also don’t need to worry. Just “make sure your permalinks make sense, create a site map, install the appropriate plugins … and then stop worrying about it.” That’s all!


[via ProBlogger]


  1. yea thats gud idea put a beautiful girl pictures on social media, write your link and enjoy the traffic, i have tried this one and was work amazingly

  2. I have to admit social media is helpful but I also think basic seo is very useful as well. Good original content is still king, it does take longer then some of the other tactics but at least you know when they change the algorithm they are not going to drop you.

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