The Prita saga: Let’s collect coins!


Just two days after she lost an appeal in the Banten High Court over a civil defamation suit brought against her by Omni hospital, Prita Mulyasari, a mother of two, has been ordered to pay fines the Rp 204 million ($21,600).

Started yesterday, initiated by several online communities, an eloquent movement called “coins for Prita” has been kicked-off. This movement invites people to collect coins to be donated to Prita.

How many coins must be collected for this? “We’ve calculated that if the coins are worth Rp500, at least we will get 2.5 tons,” said Samsul, one of persons behind the movement. “So we began to collect them from now. Little by little,” said blogger Wicaksono, one of the initiators. Antyo Rentjoko, another blogger, said that “coin donations to bring shame” to the hospital.

The coin itself, according to Wicaksono, is also “a symbol of the movement”, and adding “we will also run a dedicated website as a tool of accountability and a center of current information regarding this case and movement.”  The website’s address is

Collecting coins can be channeled directly to certain places like WETIGA, Jl Langsat I/3A Kebayoran, South Jakarta and Healthy Headquarters, Jl Taman Wildlife No. 60, Jatipadang, South Jakarta, telp (021) 7800271. The initiators also promised to provide a bank account for anyone outside Jakarta and want to contribute to help Prita.

Indonesian tweeps are keep tweeting about this movement through Twitter by adding hastags #freeprita and #helpprita.

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