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shutterstock_124375069The days where writers sat in front of a typewriter and spilled their words across an ink covered ribbon are long gone. Inspiration can strike at any moment and writers are now better prepared than ever to turn those ideas into words, thanks in large part to mobile devices. A writer is as likely to put those words down on a tablet as he is a laptop nowadays, which means a little help might be needed to get them onto the screen. The good news is that there are a ton of applications aimed directly at writers, whether they are aspiring novelists or bloggers.

Evernote may very well be the king of apps for writers, just because it is able to do so much. This is more than just an app to jot down notes, as you can also attach pictures, website links and more, depending on what it is that gives you inspiration. It’s not until you start to dig a little deeper into the Evernote application that you begin to see just how much it really does.

Not every writer is comfortable trying to tap out a serious piece on a tablet or smartphone, so why not tell your device what you are thinking? Dragon Dictation allows you to turn your device into a recorder, but it goes a step further by taking the word you speak and turning them into text. You can then copy and paste the created text into the word processor of your choice. It’s quick and easy and saves you from trying to fumble over a tiny keyboard.

A good writer understands that every word used in a piece should be useful, which often means getting a little clever with the things they type. You will want to avoid the embarrassment of using the wrong word in an otherwise great article, and the best way to do that is with an app like the Merriam-Webster Dictionary app. You can actually get a free version of this application, but for a little extra you can also get a thesaurus thrown in, which is another must for all writers.

There are many writers that have to deliver work on a pretty tight deadline. That is something that can be difficult to get used to at first, but there is actually an app that can help you with that. Part fun and part writing tool, Write or Die is a great little app that prompts you to deliver a certain amount of words in a pre-determined amount of time. The fun creeps in when the application decided to punish you when you don’t meet that deadline. You get to set how severe the punishment is, which can be anything from nasty little reminders to what you have written being completely wiped out.

As you can see, there are an incredibly wide variety of apps available for writers, and we are really just scratching the surface with the ones we mentioned. Take a look in the app store and try to find 3 or 4 that you think will help you improve as a writer.

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