The 10 funniest tweets during the Oscars


Did you tweet during the Oscars broadcast recently? I agreed that sometimes tweets were more entertaining than the show itself, like the AP writer found:

  • “Shhhh. I’m live tweeting from directly under Sandra Bullocks chair.” — Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson), actor.
  • “Charlize Theron would like to thank R. Crumb and my 16-year-old id for designing her outfit tonight.” — David Itzkoff (@ditzkoff), New York Times reporter.
  • “Just got lost for a minute, sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah … Zach Effron’s (Zac Efron) eyes!” — Rob Corddry (@robcorddr), comedian.
  • “Looks like a Young Victoria sweep.” — David Wain (@davidwain), comedian.
  • “Shortest Oscar story in history: ( ! > $ )” — Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago), film critic.
  • “Jeff Bridges is quickly closing in on Matthew McConaughey for `best actor who has become a character from an early movie.'” — Bill Simmons (@sportsguy33), ESPN columnist.
  • “Oscars Fun Fact — Samuel L. Jackson spends 40 percent of his yearly income on Kangol hats …” — Eric Stangel (@EricStangel), “Late Show With David Letterman” writer-producer.
  • “Oh, Sam Worthington, your glasses make me think you’re imperfect and therefore accessible.” — Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling), actor-writer.
  • “Oprah’s about to tell everyone in the audience there’s an Oscar under their seat.” — Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek), blogger.
  • “James Cameron is going into his own hurt locker right now.” — Paul Scheer (@paulscheer), comedian.

Have you also found funniest tweets? Or created one? Please share here :-D

[via Yahoo! News]



  1. hhehehe… ada-ada aja ulah mereka. di saat menghadiri acara yang penuh dengan ‘pemandangan’ begitu masih sempet berkirim kabar ke dunia lewat twitter :D

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