Friday, December 28, 2018
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Sіngароrе is placed аmоng the most dуnаmіс сіtіеѕ to lіvе in аnd wоrk in thе world tоdау. It has glоbаl connections, іѕ cosmopolitan аnd...

Despite the fact I took the new role as CEO for The Jakarta Post Digital last year, I am remaining as Director at Viki. But...

Hello there - just wanted to update you on my existing gig :-) Just in case you missed it, I am running the Jakarta Post's digital operation since July last year and now we already have two products: news and travel properties.

It’s quite clear that some video portals are becoming more like “TV”.

Co-branded entertainment sites for MSN audiences in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines

"It seems that there’s no shortage of excitement in the life of Budi Putra"

"It's content arbitrage. We take content that is trapped in one country, and share it with others. People elsewhere will be seeing it for the first time."

By the way, Viki Facebook Page just hit 4 million Likes --and counting! Yay!

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