Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Better late than never. Seems that’s a fitting phrase for Indonesia President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – known as “SBY.” Almost at the end of...

21 JUNE 1994 -- a historic date for the Indonesian press. Indonesia government cancelled the publishing and printing license (SIUPP) of two weekly magazines...

Today, Tempo Media Group, is celebrating their 42nd anniversary. Happy anniversary my alma mater!

Harpoen aspires to be ubiquitous digital “writing on the wall.”

Welcome to the Republic of the Instant Noodles!

Groupon ("group coupon") is one of a few of the game changers in this decade. No wonder the trend of group buying sites or 'local' Groupons mushrooming everywhere, including in Indonesia - the most sexiest emerging market in the world.

If you are a big fan of social media and its implications in Indonesia, you must check out this documentary's trailer. The movie --which comes up with title “LINIMAS(S)A” in Bahasa Indonesia or “TIMELINER(S)” for English-- has 45 minutes duration, thanks to ICTWatch.

SINCE TWITTER TOOK OVER the media "role", the large media organizations see this as an opportunity to reach and engage their readers online. If you are into Indonesian news and updates, you're lucky. You have a bunch of choices and some of them have thousands of followers on Twitter. Check it out!

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