Friday, July 13, 2018
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That's a regular question that I, or you, got these days following the booming of the social network in the country. No kidding: they have more than 35 million users here!

There are almost two billion Internet users worldwide; 107 trillion emails sent in 2010; and 152 million blogs tracked in 2010!

Facebook hits the world's headlines today with its new cash: The popular social networking site has raised $500 million from Goldman Sachs and a Russian investor at a $50 billion valuation, the New York Times' Dealbook reports.

No doubt that Mark Zuckerberg is one of a few brightest CEOs in the world. But naming him as TIME's Person of the Year?

This is another great example on how to use "user generated" approach to produce contents and engage new community. Called "Get lost in Indonesia", they started to use Facebook page to invite users to share their travel pictures and stories.

Did you know the number of Indonesian Facebook users now are reaching 30 million? Amazing!

Amid the fast growing of Facebook in Asia Pacific lately, blogger Jeremy Wagstaff discovered that its membership in the region tends to decline.

How to win in Asia? Any online player should learn every market in the region very closely. There is no single winning factor here. According to a recent study, Asia Pacific has even some of the earliest and successful locally developed social media sites

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