Thursday, June 28, 2018
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The іntеrnеt іѕ rееlіng wіth еndlеѕѕ posts and uрdаtеѕ about a new augmented rеаlіtу mоbіlе gаmе bаѕеd on a рорulаr game frаnсhіѕе from the...

It's interesting to see how Thailand is becoming one of emerging leaders in Southeast Asia --in term of social media adoption and tech innovations....

The mobile gaming industry in China has skyrocketed as a result of games being offered for mobile phones and tablets. A report has said...

In order to capture readers' mood and emotions, this site uses a unique mood meter.

No wonder that the business and IT world believe that Asia is the future.

Why is BlackBerry also so popular in Thailand?

Quipster is more like "a 'contextual check-in' or 'semantic check-in' since it gives immediate 'context' to your check-in.

The Foreign Pilicy piece tells us how China and India will shake the world. They focused on educations and research & development first. China has built world-class universities, while India has $10 billion R&D industry.

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