Friday, December 28, 2018
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Apple’s efforts to bring out the best seems to have been paid off; at least that is what Shunji Yamanaka, an industrial designer thinks....

The iPhone 5s has surpassed its preceding models in several features and appearance but is that enough? Maybe not! If you are the owner...

Tencent has sharpened its focus on Southeast Asia’s mobile messaging space after it opened a joint-venture in Indonesia, the region’s largest country

The Verge posted a review about Google Glass, a hype technology-bound glasses made by Google for $1500.

Apple updates specs and prices of MacBook Pro series with Retina Display. The goal? to attract more customers, of course.

Amazon announces Q4 2012 financial report with lower-than-expectation result.

Starting today, will feature daily tech roundup. A friend will help me to write this summary, while I myself will keep writing regular posts. Thanks.

This time, Tokyo-based digital media producer Joseph Tame decided to run himself a giant Apple logo right through central Tokyo!

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