Symbian malware targets Indonesian mobile users


As we know, all Indonesian network providers offer m-banking services that rely on SMS-platform (yeah, I’m one of the service’s users). But the success story of the country’s mobile banking business has inspired hackers to discover a new way to steal your money. This time, they are targetting Symbian OS powered phones.

Security vendor Kaspersky Labs has identified a new trojan horse that targets Symbian users. The new trojan has been created to take advantage of a service available in Indonesia that allows money transfers to occur via text message.

The trojan has been been given the name SMS.Python.Flocker, it has five variants that are known about, and is written in the Python scripting language. If you phone is infected than the trojan will send a text message to a number for the money transfer service. The message requests a transfer to be processed from that user’s account to the hackers account. The amount requested is quite small in the region of $0.45-$0.90, but if infection happens on a large scale it could add up to a serious total.

Tips: (1) Do not accept any unknown file sent to your phone via Bluetooth connection. (2) Just ignore any unknown e-mail attachment sent to your phone. (3) Change your m-banking PIN/login regularly.



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