Surprising sales and growth of smartphone [Infographic]


Instagram_user_shutterstock_129085370Smartphone users had taken the market in storm, due to the increase in the number of people across the globe who are using the gadget. Say, the total number of people in the world is 7 billion.

Out of that number about 4 billion are active users of smartphones. It may take 17 years for reaching the total 4 billion users, but by the next 3 years, it is projected that it may reach 8 billion. In United States alone, about 45% are adults using smartphones and 85% are the ones that are still using cellphones.

Though there are other gadgets that can be found in the market, the age groups of people who are using such gadgets always differ. Out of 100%, 11% of people aging from 16 to 29 are using tablet, while 10% out of 100% of people aging 30 and above are using it. When it comes to phones, 95% of people included in the 16-29 age range are using phones and only 85% of the 30 and above people are using it.

The percentage also differs when it comes to the users of desktop laptop and e-readers, wherein people whose age ranges from 16 to 29 are higher than those that are 30 and above who are using desktop laptop while the percentage of the 30 and above age range is higher than those of the 16-29 range. But when it comes to Smartphone users, the percentages in every age group are almost the same making it possible for experts to predict that the projected 8 billion users can be attained earlier than predicted.

When it comes to the market share for various operating systems, Google operating system is has a higher market share than other operating systems offered by Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Symbian. For global manufacturers of smartphones, people prefer the use of Samsung phones over ZTE, Apple, Nokia and other manufacturers. This only shows that people are choosing phones where that are reliable, have a high standard of functionality and worth their money. Most of the people who are using Smartphones are using Android, followed by iOS and more operating systems offered within Smartphones.

Before the release of Android and iOS in 2006, the most popular operating system is RIM, followed by Microsoft, Symbian and other competitors. Since most people prefer using a Smartphone with Android as its operating system, it is estimated that Android have hot a download count of 50 billion just recently while Apple got the same number of downloads 6 months ago.

When talking about the estimated amount spent on mobile media in a global scale, it was estimated that it went up to $150 billion. Due to the increase in mobile connection and activities, it is projected that families have increased the amount they spare for phone expenses.

Every household in the United States spare an average amount of $1,110 in 2007 for various phone services while in 2013, it rose for $1,226. It was also reported that by 2013, the total expenditure of a family for their phone services grew for $67 while expenditures for other necessities have fallen. This only explains that the presence of smartphone in the lives of people have affected the way they spend radically.

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Mind Boggling Stats Of Smartphone Sales And Growth


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Urban Outfitters coupon) and BudiPutra



Mind Boggling Stats Of Smartphone Sales And Growth

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Urban Outfitters coupon) and BudiPutra




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