(Still not) Up in the air


Despite I already noticed on Friday morning that there’s a problem on air traffic across Europe, I was still expecting that my flights won’t affected. Initally, I will fly up from Berlin to Frankfurt by LH 0197 at the late afternoon and by LH 0778 from Frankfurt to Jakarta via Singapore at the evening. But around 10 a.m, a friend from Deutsche Welle sent a message telling that the Berlin airport has been closed following the Iceland’s volcano eruptions that affecting the air. Fortunately, at the moment, we’ve got the confirmation from Lufthansa that LH 0778 flight from Frankfurt to Jakarta/Singapore is still on schedule.

Mr Yuniman suggested me to take a train to Frankfurt. That’s a good idea, indeed. It’s much more better to wait (and stand by) at the Frankfurt because all the information is there. No wonder ICE train seats are fully booked since all other passengers preferred train to reach Frankfurt. I decided to keep purchasing the ticket and trying my luck to get the seat. Finally, I’ve got the ticket for 13.37; and I also got the seat, thanks to a no-show passenger.
The train arrived at the Frankfurt (M) Hbf at 18.00 –15 minutes late from the schedule, then I took another train (which has 18.00 schedule) to go to Frankfurt airport’s station. Again, thanks God, I caught the train after a bit running to reach another track.
It just took 12 minutes to get the airport. Arrived at the airport, my first impression: there’s a chaos there. Yes, a chaos. Many passengers talked –complained, or even protested– to the airlines staff. Others are having coffee or meals. Or speaking on the phone telling their families about the cancelled flights.
Seems my flight will be surely cancelled, too. I got the confirmation from a Lufthansa staff  at the Hall B, Terminal 1 (and there is no lining up at all there!): “All flights were cancelled, sir. Sorry for that. The airport still closed until tomorrow’s noon, at the earliest. All we can do is, providing you a voucher for hotel and meal, and please take a rest and see you tomorrow. Hopefully you can fly tomorrow.” Lufthansa ground staf’service and smile at least made me feel a bit comfortable (thanks for this, Lufthansa, really appreciated).
Then I went to the immigration police inside the airport, asking for help, since my visa validity only until today. Guess what. It just took around 10 minutes, one officer gave me a piece of letter telling that my visa has been extended for the next few days! Again, I’m impressed about the Germany airport’s service.
After texting my wife about the cancellation, I took a shuttle bus to Ramada Hotel, which is located 10 minutes drive from the airport. Hitting a shower, having a dinner, then going to the bed early are the only things I want at the moment. Hopefully, waking up in the morning, TV reporters reporting a good news. Wish me luck.



  1. Semoga tidak ada halangan untuk besok dan berikutnya mas. Mungkin pembatalan penerbangan ini untuk kebaikan mas Budi juga, biar bisa istirahat secara full :-)

  2. jacobian: yeah that’s true.elvisusanti; ya hon, ini benar-benar pengalaman berharga.Vavai: terimakasih mas Vavai :-)

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