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The following is an interesting post I found recently, telling us about Southeast Asia’s top tech and startup blogs 2013. The site defines a blog as “any site publishing content primarily for the internet. This includes some sites that self-identify as “online news portals” or “online magazines”, but personally I think this list is worth reading for those who wanted to know about Southeast Asia tech online publications.

Tech in Asia– The most widely followed Asia tech blog in the space, Tech in Asia has higher social media and traffic rankings than any of the others in this group. Founded in 2010, the company runs popular start-up conferences in Singapore and Jakarta, as well as smaller meet-up events that cover specific topics or countries.

e27 – Almost as widely followed as Tech in Asia, e27 is another leading online media company in the Asia-Pacific region. It focuses more on startups than Tech in Asia, which offers more general tech industry coverage. Based in Singapore and founded in 2006, the company runs Echelon, the largest startup-oriented tech conference in Southeast Asia, as well as a range of smaller spin-off and satellite events.

SGEntrepreneurs – Founded in 2005, SGEntrepreneurs is the oldest of the three, and focuses primarily on Southeast Asia’s startup scene. Unlike the other two, it does not run conferences, but does work with the Action Community of Entrepreneurs (ACE) in Singapore to provide an online platform for facilitating mentorship between entrepreneurs and industry experts. It also offers a professional service called SGE Insights that includes off-the-shelf and custom research/consulting services.

Check-out the complete list here!

Update Friday September 6, 9.15 am: Tech in Asia just acquired SGE!

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