‘Someone unfollowed me on Twitter. See you in court!’


The essential function of social networking service like Twitter is keep sharing and interacting with others. What are you trying to share? Everything. From “what are you doing?” until “what’s happening? Yeah, everything. Everything that might be useful for others, for your friends, or followers.

But if one day you found a bad tweet –a very very bad tweet,  and addressed directly to you (intentional or unintentionally), what would you do? You can respond (through tweet or DM), telling him/her that you’d upset with the tweet, then ask for the clarifications. If he/she admitted the mistakes, felt regret and ask for forgiveness,  and case closed, right? Simple.

Yeah, please don’t bring everything to court! Life is too short. Why bother having busy with this crap? The Indonesian actress Luna Maya case regarding her tweet, for instance, reminds me to a funny tweet that I ever read: “Someone unfollowed me on Twitter. See you in court!”


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