So I’m joining Yahoo! now


After more than 2.5 years working as a full-time blogger and running a Jakarta-based blogging company called Asia Blogging Network, now I’m joining Yahoo! I was recently appointed as Country Editor for Yahoo! Indonesia, and will be based in Singapore for 6-12 months while setting-up Indonesia’s office.

Why did I accept this offer? Of course, it’s so challenging. This role is also still in-line with my passion: engaging with online content and community. My responsibilities including to engage and work with local content partners as well as writers and bloggers. It means that I will keep engaging and meeting with all of you, my fellow bloggers and readers :-) As the role’s name suggests — the Country Editor — I will be much more working on news, columns, blogs etc for Yahoo! Indonesia site.

After left Tempo –Indonesia’s most respected news organization– more than two years ago, it’s nice that finally I will return back to the newsroom. This time Yahoo!’s newsroom. Despite I can’t blog for CNET Asia and SlashPhone (including PhoneMag and iPhoneBuzz) or contributing tech articles for The Jakarta Post anymore, but I will keep blogging for my personal blogs as well as greeting and seeing you through Twitter, Facebook or some other social media accounts. I will be starting my Yahoo tenure next week. Wish me luck with this new venture.


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