Smackall Releases MMOG by SMNA


Smackall, a leading mobile entertainment solution provider announces the release of massively multi-player online game (MMOG) available on selected Java-enabled mobile phones through the SMNA Technology.

The game is played on a board with 7 columns and 6 rows, which is placed in a vertical position. The players have 21 discs each, distinguished by color. The players take turns in dropping discs in one of the non-full columns. The disc then occupies the lowest unoccupied square on that column. A player wins by placing four of their own discs consecutively in a line (row, column or diagonal), which ends the game. The game ends in a draw if the board is filled completely without any player winning.
Strategy and tactics

Beginners will often overlook a simple threat to connect four discs; it is therefore important to always check all vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines before making a move. In more advanced play, one aims at forcing a win by making two threats simultaneously; conversely, one should prevent the opponent from doing so.

As a general rule of thumb, discs played in the center columns are more valuable than border column discs, because they participate in more potential four-disc lines (and accordingly limit the opponent’s opportunities). [3G!]


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