Share your pictures to Get Lost in Indonesia


This is another great example on how to use “user generated” approach to produce contents and engage new community. “Get lost in Indonesia” (GLii) project started to use Facebook page to invite users to share their travel pictures and stories. At least 4,000 pictures have been uploaded so far!

“We would like to believe that God created Indonesia when he was smiling,” said Rayan Muktiaki, one of the three men behind the Get Lost in Indonesia project.

“That’s why we have so many different islands, ethnic tribes, languages and wild species, more than most other countries. So why is it so difficult to sell Indonesia to the rest of the world?”

This was the basic premise that led Rayan, together with his colleagues Ibnu Zacharyas and Aria Gorba Hamdani, at a creative communications company in Jakarta to establish the Get Lost in Indonesia project.

The GLii movement is also on Twitter: @getlostisgood

[via The Jakarta Globe]


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