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There are strong rumors in the intensively competitive smart phone market that Samsung is working on an upgrade to the Galaxy Note 2 which is presently labeled as Galaxy Note 3. It is speculated that Note 3 will be officially launched in the later part of the year and will replace the Note 2. A lot of details surrounding the Note 3 are not yet known. However, one can easily expect the following advancements when the Note 2 finally hits the shelves. Take a look on the Comparison.


It was earlier speculated that Samsung was experimenting with different designs for the Note 3. One of the design ideas it was toying with was a metal design. The recent rumors also seem to be suggesting that the Galaxy Note 3 will not feature a metal design and instead, stick to the sleek plastic design sported by its predecessors, like the flagship Galaxy S4. It is also expected that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a designs similar to that of the Galaxy S4, which implies that Samsung will be using highly durable plastic material along with a synthetic metal band placed around the sides of the device. If the Galaxy Note 3 has a design similar to S4, then we could also see the design features rounded corners.


It is also rumored that the Galaxy Note 3 will be a trimmed down version of Note 2, as far as dimensions are concerned. Galaxy Note weighs 180 grams and features a 9.4mm frame. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 3 is expected to weigh 182 grams but is frame will be trimmed down to about 8mm. The difference in the frame is due to the inconvenience faced by some users with the huge display of the Galaxy Note 2. It is also expected that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a microSD card slot to expand memory and will have a detachable back panel to facilitate wireless charging of the device. An extended battery is also expected, another hallmark of the conventional designs used by Samsung.


The Samsung Galaxy Note series devices are distinguished for their large screen displays and this can be expected with the Galaxy Note 3 as well. Looking at the scheme of things, it is highly likely that Samsung will not just enhance the Galaxy Note 3’s resolution as compared to Note 2, but will also enhance the screen size.

It is expected that the Galaxy Note 3 will feature a display screen measuring anywhere between 5.7 and 6 inches. If this is for real, then the Note 3 will receive an upgrade over Note 2 by almost .2 inches to .5 inches. The Galaxy Note 2 featured a display of 720 p HD resolution. The Galaxy Note 3 will undoubtedly come with a 1080p resolution, akin to the previously launched Galaxy S4. This implies that the Note 3 will be offered with higher resolution as well as the pixel-per-inch count. The enhanced resolution and higher ppi means the device screen will offer rich gaming and content viewing experience.


It is speculated that Samsung will enhance the camera in the Note 3 and will not keep it the same as Note 2. The Galaxy Note 2 saw an 8 megapixel camera to deliver rich photos while it will also support 1080p video recording. The camera rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 3 insist that it will feature a 13 megapixel camera sensor, similar to the on outfitted on the Galaxy S4. If the rumors about the 13 MP camera are true, then buyers could experience high-end photo as well as video quality with the Galaxy Note 3. The advanced camera will also enable rich photos in low-light conditions.

One of the snags seen in most of the Galaxy Note series cameras has been the poor quality of images in low-light conditions. However, Samsung is all set to change this by fitting an advanced camera sensor in the Note 3. The camera of the Note 3 is also expected to feature 3X optical zoom. This could well position the Note 3 in a completely different league altogether.

Processor & RAM

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is powered by the Exynos 4 quad-core processor built by Samsung. At the time when it was launched, it was the class-leading processor. However, many other handset manufacturers as well as Samsung have built much more advanced chips to offer enhanced performance coupled with amazing battery life for the device. Two of the advanced chips are the Exynos 5 Octa octo-core and the Snapdragon 800 quad-core processors from Samsung. Both these processor chips were launched at the CES 2013 and replaced the previous year’s processors.

It goes without saying that no matter which processor chip is fitted in the Galaxy Note 3, it will surpass the battery as well as the overall performance compared to the Note 2. It is also speculated that the Note 3 will feature 3GB RAM as compared to Note 2’s 2 GB RAM cache. This will further boost the performance of the Note 3.


Powerful, high-end software has always been a hallmark for the Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy Note 2 featuresv4.1 Jelly Bean Android operating system. Apart from the latest version of Android, the Note 2 also boasted of advancements with the S Pen stylus software and the also popular Multi-View feature. It is highly expected that the Note 2 will receive the Jelly Bean 4.2 update quite soon and Note 3 will see most of the advanced features of the Jelly Bean OS apart from the Touch Wiz feature seen in the Galaxy S4.


Since it was launched, the Galaxy Note 2 has seen minimum fluctuation among various carriers but its price is now reduced by almost $100 at carriers except for Verizon where it is currently priced on-contract at an expensive $299.99 amount. It is quite obvious that the Note 3 will feature a higher price tag compared to the Note 2. It remains to be seen when the carriers put an End of Life (EOL) status on the Galaxy Note 2.

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