SalingSilang will add 50 sites this year: Enda Nasution


The Saling Silang Network is one of a few content-based startups in Indonesia. Started with a local blog service called DagDigDug and followed by some various topic sites (they have 16 sites already!), the South Jakarta-based web service now uses as their main brand.

According to Enda Nasution, Managing Director PT Saling Silang, they will add a bunch of new sites into the “Langsat” Network this year. Dubbed the “Father of Indonesian Bloggers,” Enda answered my questions on this network’s strategy:

Caption: Enda Nasution
Enda Nasution, Managing Director PT Saling Silang


Q: What is the

A: is the brain and the hub of Saling Silang Network, a strings of user generated content websites such as, and the rest. It is also a place to find the most current hot conversations that is happening in Indonesia’s online world, so we combined information from Saling Silang Network and other platform, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Mailing Lists and Forums and generate as well as curate the stories there so our audience can save their time and have a better and easier life.

Q: How many sites you have now?

A: The Saling Silang Network currently consist of 16 websites, all can be viewed and access from and we are looking to grow this communities to 50 more this year.

Q: So, SalingSilang would be your main brand, right? Instead of Politikana or Dagdigdug. Why?

A: Yes, we start with DagDigDug and followed by Politikana, but after some times it becomes clear to us that these early success is just one of the websites/communities that we can supporting. So we look back and choose a different name for the network.

Q: SalingSilang now has a regular statistics report that sent out to media and bloggers. What is the objective for this activity?

A: It come to our understanding as an active participant in online world and digital industry in Indonesia that one of the thing that we are lacking is the existing of data about online word and online behavior that actually can help understand better what is happening, what we need to do in term of using internet as medium and communication tools.

The Saling Silang Report that we release for the 1st time on Feb 22nd has two purposes: we want to contribute more and push our industry friends to use more data in their daily work and for regular users to see that their a part of something bigger but also to demonstrate the capability of the Saling Silang Technology to understand and analyze what’s happening online real time.

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  1. I still wonder what will happen with future Indonesia’s tech expansion,,,
    looking forward to prove a remarkable good news,,, :)

  2. kenapa situs saling silang memakai bahasa inggris sebagai bahasa pengantar, padahal dari namanya saja sudah bahasa indonesia,,,, saling,
    please tell me why ??? ^_^ ???

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