Roundup: Twitter Buys Bluefin, Dell to Go Private

TV analytics service Bluefin acquired by Twitter
TV analytics service Bluefin acquired by Twitter

Twitter buys social TV analytics company Bluefin Labs

Twitter has acquired a social TV analytics company that was built in 2008, Bluefin Labs. Report suggested that this would be Twitter’s biggest acquisition to date. Twitter simply stated integration of Twitter into TV content can further stimulate engagement and discovery. In short, Bluefin Labs offers detailed reports about which brands are discussed most on social media. As Twitter is the most popular social media during Super Bowl commercials, it’s understandable that Twitter wants better analytics about popular TV shows.

Facebook is rumored to build mobile tracking app

Facebook is reported to extend its power in mobile technology by building mobile tracking app. The app, to be available by mid-March, is designed to help users find nearby friends and would run even when the program isn’t open on a handset. If true, this will mark the seriousness of Facebook in mobile realm. Previously the company stated that last quarter was a milestone when mobile access finally beat web access .

Dell almost go private

One of the largest PC maker in the world is about to go private. Dell to buy majority of its shares from public. It’s predicted the transaction will require Dell to pay $23 billion. Software giant Microsoft will buy some shares too. It marks the post-PC era where the PC sales tumbles and big PC vendors begin to find viable alternative to expand their lineups.

HTC M7 for ultrapixels camera

HTC to use new camera technology for its mobile equipment called ultrapixels. It’s still having megapixels result, exactly at 13 megapixels, and the method on producing the pictures is similar to Nokia’s. The declining of HTC’s result may force the Taiwanese company to be more creative No further information about the M7 though, who should be the next flagship carrier.

Samsung to invest $1.1 billion in new funds

Korean giant Samsung to invest $1.1 billion in two new funds. Samsung launches of its new Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, as well as a $100 million commitment to a new Samsung Catalyst Fund, to fund development of components and subsystems. While much of Samsung’s R&D and innovation previously happened in Korea, the company sees a huge opportunity to find and take advantage of other innovators around the world.


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