Groupon to miss Q4 revenue target, BlackBerry not as secured as it was believed

Groupon sets to miss Q4 revenue target

Groupon to miss Q4 revenue target

Group buying company Groupon sets to miss its Q4 revenue prediction and loss $81.1 million this Q4 2012. However, it still has a bank of cash and equivalents of over $1.2 billion. Criticism heading towards Groupon CEO Andrew Mason, some investors even demand for his ouster. Yet, surprise investment from Tiger Global hedge fund that racks up to 9.9% share provided fresh confidence.

BlackBerry not as Secured as it was believed

BlackBerry is well-known to be very secure among smartphones, but the statement may change. Canada’s federal department charged with overseeing cyber-security has warned its workers to think twice before sending a BlackBerry message, suggesting that the device believed to be the most secure in the world is more vulnerable than users may believe. The policy memo attempts to dissuade government BlackBerry users from sending a PIN-to-PIN message largely because it could be read by any BlackBerry user, anywhere in the world.

Samsung’s new Wallet app has a glimpse of Apple’s Passbook

Samsung announces new Wallet app during Mobile World Congress 2013. The Wallet app is designed to let users store things such as event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards, and coupons in one central location. The problem is: it has a glimpse of Apple’s Passbook design. Currently, Wallet is only available as a preview for developers, who can download the SDK and API guides for it now, and the app itself will be available in Samsung’s app store in the near future.

EA put microtransaction to all games in PC and consoles

EA is building micro-transactions into all of its PC and console games, the company has announced. In the past, EA has outsourced the work of operating micro-transaction systems to outside companies. In a move that suggests its growing importance, EA will now bring the whole operation in-house. “The next and much bigger piece [of the business] is microtransactions within games,” chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen said.

Bango to power Firefox OS app store payment, carrier billing by default

It looks like Mozilla has signed Bango to enable mobile payments on the devices. Bango is the carrier billing specialist that works with the likes of Facebook, BlackBerry and Opera to provide such services for these company’s app stores. Although neither company has announced anything, you can see the details when you visit the Firefox OS stand in the show, where, if you view a demo for how billing works, a Bango logo appears at one point on the screen.


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