Roundup: Google Now for iOS video leaked, Android tablet predicted to beat iPad this year

Google Now for iOS video leaked
Google Now for iOS video leaked

Google Now for iOS video leaked

Engadget found a video in Youtube about promoting Google Now for iOS. Google Now has been around sometimes for Android, but haven’t reached iOS counterpart yet. As service provider, Google always rely on two main platforms, its own Android and Apple’s iOS. It’s predicted that this app will reach App Store in pretty much near future. Google Now itself is available as part of updated version of Android’s Jelly Bean (OS 4.1 at minimum).

Android tablet predicted to beat iPad this year

A brave prediction has been made by IDC. This company in its last report said that cheap Android tablet. A growing variety of smaller and cheaper Android tablets from Google to Inc will catch on this year with more consumers and chip away at Apple’s dominance since the first iPad launched in 2010, International Data Corp said. iPad and iPhone shipments are expected to keep growing at enviable rates, but arch-rival Samsung Electronics and others have hurt Apple with a combination of savvy marketing, greater variety and rapid technology adoption.

Google acquired research startup DNNResearch from University of Toronto

The University of Toronto computer science department confirmed today that Google has acquired one of their startups lead by professor Geoffrey Hinton. The startup focuses on deep neural networks (or “deep learning”) and will assist Google in the realm of contextual recognition of voice and images. For the search giant this kind of research is highly sought after as more and more people look up concepts on their mobile devices.

Apple Maps being updated often and significantly

The Loop reported that Apple is working hard on improving its iOS Maps application in the past few months. The results can be seen in an updated app this week in Japan, but Apple has been steadily releasing updates for countries and cities from around the world. Maps with 3D building has been around sometimes. in most business area in Jakarta.

Dropbox updates desktop client

Dropbox announced upgrades to its desktop client to allow for quick sharing of files with others, and improved updates that will help users keep up with the service. The most significant update in the 2.0 build involves an easier way to share files with a link – not a new capability – directly from the Dropbox desktop menu, which cuts down on the steps needed to send content to others. In keeping with that change, the Dropbox menu has been improved to also accept files more simply, with access to shared files.


  1. Already use the app on ios. The bad news is kinda battery drain app, the location service always on. Even when you close the app from the multitasking.

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