Roundup: Facebook Report for 2012, BlackBerry announces BlackBerry 10 devices

BlackBerry Z10, The latest addition to BlackBerry family. Source: gizmodo

Facebook is now a “mobile company”

Facebook releases complete report on financial result and operational result during 2012. The highlight is although the company scores better revenue, compared to same period last year, the profit is totally sinking. Moreover, Facebook sees revenue growth from mobile, as it’s now counted at 23% of total advertising revenue. It aligns with the fact now 57% users are accessing Facebook from mobile platform. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says in 2012 Facebook became mobile company.

BlackBerry unveils two new BlackBery 10 devices

Formerly named as Research In Motion, BlackBerry unveils two new BlackBerry 10 devices, Z10 and Q10. Z10 is full touchscreen variant, while Q10 still hold the legacy of physical keyboard. Both phones are equipped with BlackBerry 10 OS, the latest effort to fight against iOS and Android. z10 will be available starting tomorrow in United Kingdom, while Q10 will be available later in April. More on the news, BlackBerry appoints singer Alicia Keys to be its Global Creative Director.

Dropbox adds several new “cool” features

Cloud file management service Dropbox announces the addition of several new features, including social photo sharing, albums and document preview. Document preview supports various file format, although it hasn’t support previewing Excel file. The other feature is easier way to upload photos from mobile device then share it to Facebook, Twitter and Email. It rolls first in Android, then followed by iOS. Currently Dropbox has impressive 100 million users.

Twitter’s updates on photo and video services

Twitter changes the way photo and video services behave, mostly for web version. There’s now pop up window to display bigger picture when clicked. In video section, Media galleries now include Vine, YouTube, Vimeo and several other formats. What’s more, tweet pages now let you see more of the conversation related to a Tweet.

Japan, Korea grab bigger revenue for Google Play

According to traffic tracker AppAnnie, Google Plus revenue is said to be double if compared to the same period last year. The biggest contributors are Korea and Japan with almost half of the revenue coming from those countries. Most of the buying are related with mobile games. In December in the U.S., 76 percent of Google Play revenue came from games. In Japan, it was 88 percent. And in South Korea, it was a whopping 95 percent. Still, Apple leads in term of profit.


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