Roundup: Evasi0n is The Most Popular Jailbreak Tool Ever, Yandex is Now Fourth Largest Global Search Engine

Evasi0n, the team behind iOS 6.1 jailbreak

Evasi0n is The Most Popular Jailbreak Tool Ever

The crave for jailbroken apps apparently hit the new level. Evasi0n which provides untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1 is reported to be the most popular jailbreak tool ever. Nearly seven million devices have been hacked using its tools by the latest count of Cydia administrator, Jay Freeman. All in just four days. It  took 136 days to crack iOS 6.1, longer than any previous iOS version in any device. Let’s see how Apple responds to patch the bugs.

Yandex is now fourth largest global search engine, beating Microsoft’s Bing

Russian search engine Yandex beats Microsoft’s Bing by narrow margin to be the fourth largest global search engine. Google dominates scene, followed by  China’s Baidu and Yahoo. With all the money poured into Bing, it should be an embarrassing moment for Microsoft to get beaten by Russia competitor. It may reveal that Yandex should be having better results for Russia and ex-Soviet market than Bing, and that’s definitely a big market.

Mobile payment service Bango raises $10.2 million and expands to new market

Provider of carrier billing service that has been used by many companies, like Facebook and Amazon, just expands to bigger market. Bango has raised $10.2 million to fund its expansion to Brazil, India, Latin America and other part of Asia. This will be strategic move by Bango, entering massive potential market where most mobile payment will be much easier if supported by carrier billing. By the end of 2012, Bango reported to gain gross margins by 3.7%.

SkyDrive service now supports easier way to collaborate on document sharing

A big news from Microsoft and should be a warning sign for competitor like Google Docs. Microsoft’s cloud service SkyDrive has announced to support seamless sharing and editing experience for Office 365 Home Premium customers. This move will provide easier way to collaborate effectively for one billion Office documents that have been stored in SkyDrive. Even better, it’s not required to open shared link with Microsoft account.

Problem with iOS 6.1 emerged, Vodafone forbids customers to upgrade

It has been reported that customers suffer some problems after upgrading its iOS device to iOS 6.1. Battery drain, difficulty to connect to 3G connectivity and failure to make call and messages are the highlight from customers. Vodafone UK confirms this problem with iPhone 4S model by sending message to forum and directly to customers (using text messages), warning them not to upgrade to iOS 6.1 and ask them to wait until this problem solved.


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