China is now world’s top smart device market, Singapore fosters startup entrepreneurs

China beats USA to be world’s top smart device market

China beats USA to be world’s top smart device market

Flurry reports that China finally beats USA to be world’s top smart device market. By this February 2013, Flurry estimates that China will have 246 million smart devices, compared to USA with 230 million. Please note that Flurry only count Android and iOS possession, both smartphones and tablets. UK, South Korea and Japan are included into top 5 of the list, but with very vast difference with the top 2.

China’s e-commerce 360Buy raises $700 million investment

Saudi Arabian firm Kingdom Holding Company and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan announce their investment on China’s 360Buy. 360Buy is a quick-delivery shopping site, aims to go public in near future. The investment is set at $700 million, big enough to delay the IPO, with Kingdom Holding pours $400 million while Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan invests $300 million. This investment raises 360Buy valuation to $7.25 billion. 360Buy may perceived as one of future serious competitor for China’s largest e-commerce Alibaba.

Singapore’s initiative to foster startup entrepreneurs

SFGate runs a story about Singapore, one of the most advanced country in Asia, tries to cultivate entrepreneurship from college dorms. It’s part of $13.1 billion effort by Singapore government to build tropical Silicon Valley. So far, the success stories are still few, with Darius Cheung’s company which is sold to McAfee for $10 million as standard-bearer. There are several Americans who relocated to Singapore to seek for better fortune, including Perx’s Andrew Roth and Facebook’s Eduardo Saverin. With small number of audiences in Singapore itself, any startup should be able to go regional in order to find success.

Japan’s GREE and Yahoo Japan announce joint venture named GxYz

Two big boys from Japan, GREE and Yahoo Japan, announce a joint venture company (tentatively) will be named GxYz. The main focus of this JV is to develop social games for smartphone, starting next month. GxYz will be headed by Tomoyuki Isaka, former president of GREE. GREE holds 51% shares with most staffs for this JV will be coming from both companies. Other than GREE, Yahoo Japan also has strategic partnership with DeNA — GREE’s arch rival.

Former Google China head is banned for three days for posting at Sina Weibo 

Lee-Kai Fu, former Google China head said that he’s banned to post at several China microblogging sites, including Sina Weibo and similar service from Tencent. Lee has been using these microblogging services to express his interest about China’s Internet control. Lee is currently the chairman and CEO of Beijing-based technology-business incubator. Lee has more than 30 million followers in Sina Weibo. Sina representative declined to comment in this matter.

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