Rama, Indonesia’s next full-time blogger


As someone who once became full-time blogger almost four years ago, I am really happy to welcome another one: Rama Mamuaya (@rampok), the founder of tech blog Daily Social. He just started his new gig today!

Rama himself is one of most popular bloggers in the country. Not just a blogger, he is also a tech activist, start-ups enthusiast and actively conducted some off-line activities.

He has good personality, too. No wonder everybody loves to work with him. Any prominent tech people, for instance, always reach him first before visiting Indonesia. So, for them, Rama is a kind a “password” to understand about Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago and most sexy emerging market.

Good luck Rama!


  1. Congrats ya…

    Sekarang ada berapa sih full time bloggers di Indonesia? yang gue tau cewe pertama yang jadi full time bloggers itu duo Fashionesedaily.com

    Boleh tau pendapatannya darimana aja ya selain dari banner..?

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