Prambanan: An ancient wonder is back!


Prambanan, located in the borderline of Yogyakarta and Central Java province, is one of the wonders of the ancient orient was severely damaged by the May 27, 2006 earthquake. Fortunately, the ninth-century Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple on Earth,  still located in Central Java, was not damaged.

Post-earthquake restoration of the famous Hindu temple complex is still currently underway, thanks to funding support from UNESCO World Heritage Centre and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I visited the temple complex last Thursday — more than three years after the natural disaster — and seeing that some part of temples are still being restored. But, overall, the ancient monument is already back to normal. Glad to see it back.

The Prambanan temple and the nearby Borobudur Buddhist complex are reminders of the rich Hindu and Buddhist past of what is now the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

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