Pinterest secret: Grassroots marketing!


Pinterest, that allows you to organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web, is now the third-largest source of referral traffic on the Internet.

What’s the secret behind Pinterest’s success? According to CEO Ben Silbermann, it’s all about marketing –mostly grassroots marketing. Not engineering or better algorithms.

So Pinterest started to have meet-ups at local boutiques, and to take fun pictures of people who attended them, and to engage with bloggers to do invitation campaigns like “Pin It Forward,” where bloggers got more invites to the site by spreading the world.

[via AllThingsD | image source]

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  1. Sharing something that is interesting will always occurs naturally. So that’s why Pinterest grows rapidly.

    People will always try to share something that catches their interest to their colleagues with interest, to make other people feel the same. That’s very basic.

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