Path: From Silicon Valley for Indonesians!


Path, a social networking-enabled photo sharing, status update and messaging service for mobile devices, introduces Path 3, adding new features including private messages, stickers. Path 3 is available in 19 languages and for iOS and Android devices (soon).

My friend Aulia Masna raises questions about Path’s existence. “Practically nobody in the United States are on it, with roughly six million members and around half live outside of the US,” he wrote. “With such low numbers relative to other big name American-based social networks, why is it so popular in Jakarta?”

He himself answers the question with comparison to Facebook for Indonesian users:

“Facebook is losing its shine among a lot of Indonesians and Path came up at the right time to replace that intimate atmosphere and private environment in which people can more freely share their activities to their closest friends and relatives. While the hard limit of 150 friends is considered too small among Indonesians who would like to be as connected as possible to everyone, once they realize the significance of this limit, it becomes liberating.”

In my case, I hardly use both Facebook and Path.  Facebook is too general and crowded; Path is great with friends limit capability, but since most of them also broadcast their Path updates (“repath”) into Twitter, so there is no need for me to visit Path app. Apart from that, I don’t think I like the interface –still don’t know why.

Dear my friends and readers, can you tell me why do you use Path? At least, I can get a clue why this app is popular in my country…

Path rolls out 3.0 with private messaging, sticker & shop
Path rolls out 3.0 with private messaging, sticker & shop


  1. Path has the most beautiful yet easiest user interface in social media till today. Path’s 150-friends-only limit gives users a comfortable space to express their daily life and share wildest thought to their closest friends only.

    While Facebook and Twitter is already cluttered with brand campaigns, spam & weird strangers, Path is still remain clean and it could be always clean ever after regarding there is no brand want to do any campaign in 150-friends-only social media.

    Free from ads could be another interesting part in Path. Since Path has already got their (a lot of) money from selling stickers and filter, i wish Path will always free from any ads ever after.

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