02 September 2015 — 08:09

Pageview kills tech blogging

It’s an honest retrospection from a tech writer M.G. Siegler (aka Paris Lemon). He said that most of today’s technology articles (either written by bloggers or traditional journalists) are “bullshit”, blaming pageviews and paychecks behind this.

He wrote:

  1. We have bloggers who sometimes are deeply embedded in the technology community and have quite a bit of insight and understanding about one or two companies/topics. But they have to write 4 or 5 or 6 or more stories a day as quickly as possible to feed the pageview beast.
  2. We have more traditional journalists who are not deeply embedded in the technology community in any way and/or are forced to write for a more mainstream audience and end up writing obscenely bland stories about technology that only a brain-dead geriatric could love.

Dear fellow bloggers: if you wanted to write a piece on technology, but don’t have enough data or numbers; don’t have robust insight that you could offer; don’t get the “big picture” of the industry you would like to cover; or don’t have a very cool stuff with you on that particular topic, just change the tone. Just simply write a personal voice. Yeah, a personal experience (even it’s a subjective opinion though) won’t lead you to the same problem.

Off course, every writer needs readerships, pageview, traffic and so on. But trust and credibility should be your top priority.

Create trust first, pageview –and yeah, money, as well– will follow.


  1. i love ur post, keep share^^
    mampir balik ke website kami yaa…
    anda juga dapat berbagi pada sesama

  2. nice :)
    saya senang mengikuti postingan anda
    postingan yang menarik .

    salam kenal yya dan sempatkan mampir ke
    website kami.

  3. yes indeed if you want to be a blogger, we are encouraged to have the insight, and to have a famous blog we diligently choose the topic of the famous

  4. I ever get the best pageview at last august until 10000 page view,
    and its make me feel “waw”:D

  5. it’s all about how to be rich from blog.

    Many blogger was using their own SEO strategy to get thousand pageview every day. Parislemos is right

  6. setuju! pageview beast always haunt all digital news media… =)

    Salam kenal dari 1001malam.com

  7. Saya tidak pernah memusingkan masalah trafik yang datang ke blog saya. Selama blog saya bermanfaat bagi banyak orang merupakan kebahagiaan tersendiri buat saya :)

  8. Usually, i will write what i want to write. some other time i write what i have to write…

  9. like this “Create trust first, pageview –and yeah, money, as well– will follow.”, hehehe

  10. Konten harusnya berbanding lurus dengan traffic. Itu tantangan bagi google dan lainnya.

    Don’t be evil. :)

  11. sangat setuju,, saya juga pake prinsip itu, walaupun masih mulai dari awal sekali

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