Open source booming in Asia


Are you an open source expert? Today is your time!

Open source code is now used by over 70 per cent of software developers in Asia, according to a new report.

The number of developers using open source in the region has surged more than 40 per cent in just three years, Evans Data Corporation revealed in a recent survey of software engineers.

“Developers who faced difficult coding assignments had a harder time before open source software became common,” said the research firm.

“This is because the developer can see every bit of [the code] to see how a [software application] functions and how it can be modified. This is much less awkward than working with proprietary binaries which operate as black boxes.”

Linux has proved especially popular with Asia’s many hardware manufacturers, as it gives them access to tried and tested software at a low cost.

Evans Data questioned 396 software developers throughout Asia Pacific, including China, India, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.



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