Nokia’s last attempt?


    Yeah, I am a long-time Nokia fan. Since the beginning of 2000, as a tech journalist (then blogger), I witnessed how all Nokia portfolios rolled-out here in Indonesia.

    But frankly speaking, Nokia seems a bit slow in addressing user needs, particularly smart-phone enthusiasts. A bit disappointed on this, I must say.

    When Apple comes up with the shiny iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry invades the business segment, and Google’s Android hits the stores, Nokia still thinks its Symbian OS was just fine. There are no further and significant leaps.<!–more–>

    Nokia finally realized that. The Finnish phone-maker then started to offer a new platform called Maemo for N900. [The upcoming Nokia N8 is gonna be the last Symbian N-series handset].

    Following the Maemo’s success, Nokia promotes another new platform: MeeGo, the brainchild of Nokia and Intel Corp. Nokia will fully adapt the MeeGo for the newer N-series mobile phones.

    Let’s see how this new platform works and how the market reacts. Since I will attend the Nokia World 2010 in London, September 14-15, so hopefully I would hear Nokia’s latest strategy and could see their new MeeGo devices.

    Come on, Nokia. This is your (last) chance to impress the smart-phone world! At least, try to convince me that you have better device and platform.

    I am now using Motorola Milestone as well as Nokia N900 and BlackBerry Onyx. So far, I think I love Android…


    1. Nice post Smitty (@dreampipe) anyway. Glad to know that my post triggers you to write again. Welcome to content world! :-D

    2. I used to be a fan of NOKIA, however The price is not competitive anymore compare with other brand especially from China…..

    3. I would say Nokia was too slow in reacting to the market move. Hopefully Nokia has a big surprise for us. Yet, I love the Ovistore, with the Indonesia culture game.

    4. This is a good thing. Nokia makes top quality hrrawdae.What Sprint needs is a CEO like Stephen Elop to admit the faults of the company and drive it in a new direction. Crappy phones and crappy loyalty to their customers are the 2 biggest problems with Sprint. Its really insulting they unveiled a PoS phone like the Echo. A name like Echo reminds me of that tiny butt ugly looking Toyota car with the same name. Even the mere thought of hyping up that event left me offended. Does Sprint really think we are stupid?

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