Nokia Lumia 1320: A budget phone with 6 inch display


nokia-lumia-1320-press-1The numbers of Android and Windows smartphones are growing in the market for the last few years, from devices having 4 inches of display to those having bigger 6 inches. Nokia is one of the brands is going to launch a new 6 inches Window phone under Lumia series.

Nokia Lumia has launched numbers of classy smartphones and its new launch Lumia 1320 seems to be the sibling of Lumia 1520. Though it does not have attention grabbing specs, but the price and features of the phone is budget oriented. The price is less than half of the Lumia 1520 which has got better processor and display.


The design of Lumia 1320 is suitable for the price it sports along with reduced features. That doesn’t mean it has bad looks but just that looks are not satisfactory. Opposite to the looks the device is pretty slick and streamlined and is available in wide range of colours.

It has thickness of about 9.8 mm and weighs almost 220g; it’s not that heavy to handle. The edges of the phone are rounded and adjust appropriately in the hand. The phone has plastic body which makes it look a bit cheap.However, its body appears like a huge Lumia 620 which had round edges making it look casual as compared to the other high-end Lumia phones. The bold colours in which Lumia 1320 is available include orange, yellow, black and red. In addition to the choice in colours, you can even remove the black plate. You can get any colour you like and switch according to the style.

All the buttons are on appropriate place where they should be; power/lock, volume rocker and camera button are positioned on the right side. The rest of the parts like micro USB are at the bottom and 3.5 mm of jack at the top.

Display quality of Lumia 1320:

The Lumia 1320 does not have 1080 p HD display, but its screen is still impressive. The users expected a HD display considering the 6 inches of the screen but they ended up with 720p HD display which is still sharp.

If you have used bigger phones or even Lumia 1520 you will get disappointed while watching videos on Lumia 1320. The screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 3 to offer protection; the screen is viable for rough use and looks appealing. This Lumia phone has got lower ppi density than Lumia 1520; 245ppi which is noticeably lesser.

The screen resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels which not that bad but when compared with top leaders like HTC One Max or Note 3 having similar screen size, makes the resolution a big disadvantage for Lumia 1320. The Clear black display concept of Nokia allows the IPS panel to appear brighter and display vibrant colours; the ultra bright screen makes it pleasure working with Lumia 1320.

Performance and Software:

Just like the dissatisfying screen, the performance of the phone is reduced as well but is not poor. The dual core processor of 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 works pretty well with the phone along with 1GB of RAM. At least this combination is satisfactory and seems like a good stuff.

One thing is observed in the phone that launching several apps and swapping one from other is not at all a big task; you can handle those with ease with the support of dual core CPU processor.

The battery size of Lumia 1320 is same as that of its big brother 1520; 3400 mAh Li-Ion which offers about 21 hours of talk time and that is ample for a day’s use.

One more part where Nokia has cut down the corners is Lumia 1320’s internal storage capacity. You’ll get 8GB on board but you can definitely extend up to 64GB with the help of micro SD card. However, this much memory is enough to deal with the Windows OS.


With this big screen the camera must be 20 MP but this Lumia has a noticeably low camera of 5 MP which is terribly poorer than that in the Lumia 1520. This can be a major drawback of the phone. The front VGA camera captures average quality pictures. The in-built LED flash is nice and works significantly well in lower bright areas.

High-end Lumia phones have raised the expectations of the users and thus camera quality of Lumia 1320 has let the users down. Those who love to take pictures and camera is their concern for them only the camera is a disadvantage otherwise phone’s camera is not a big deal.


The new Lumia Windows phone offers amazing user interface. The problem with third row of tiles is that it is customizable up to a certain limit. Though this is a disadvantage, Windows phone does not display many issues and performs smoothly.

Price and release date:

Nokia has not announced the official launch date of the Lumia 1320 but we can expect its launch in early months of 2014. With reasonable price of about $339, Lumia 1320 will be popular among those want to use the multimedia devices without spending bulk amounts on it. We hope that its launch in market can attract loads of people. The biggest competitors of the phone are HTC One Max and Galaxy series of Samsung and Lumia 1320 can give a tough fight to other high end smart phones of bigger displays.

The phone will be initially made available in China and Vietnam and later it will be launched in Asian and European markets.

Final verdict:

Nokia Lumia 1320 is a mid range phablet coming with 6 inches of amazing black display powered with dual core processor. The phone supports LTE connectivity which might make users happy as it is an important feature that users expect in smart phone of this range. The software installed in the Lumia 1320 is 8GDR 3OS and functions dynamically and allows user to run several apps and games on the device. The phone is made by considering the budget minded customers looking for big display phones to enjoy playing games and videos.


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