Nick Denton’s manifesto for an old-school blogging


Nick Denton writes a long blog post explaining his “obituary” on the standard blog format. Basically, as I wrote a few weeks ago here, he wanted his Gawker Media’s blog network to be more newsmagazine-style and move away from “reverse chronological format.”

Denton shows an example why he proposed the change:

In order to keep video of the iPhone prototype at the top of the reverse chronological flow, Gizmodo actually stopped publishing for several hours. How ridiculous! In any sane medium, a story as powerful as that, one which was drawing more than 90% of the site’s traffic, would be given commensurate real estate; and it wouldn’t require a hack to keep the item prominent. Hence the splash story; now we can finally create front pages that match the visual impact of a tabloid wood or magazine cover; and we can leave them up as long as they’re generating interest.

[Btw, did you notice that my blog’s design is also in-line with Denton’s new strategy? Yay!]


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