06 October 2015 — 02:10

Newsroom, instead of newspaper, will survive

Today, the circulation of newspapers is constantly declining. Customers are looking to better and more convenient methods of receiving news, thanks to the availability of gadgets and devices.

Although newspapers are rapidly declining, the good news is newsrooms are still going to survive  — as long as they could adopt online and digital format and media. Why? Because readers need content, and we all know that newsroom is a group of professional content producer: writer, journalist, editor, photographer, designer, videographer, etc.

Newsroom, for instance, could produce high-quality and long-form content for digital and online audience.

…the digital space has also fuelled innovations for long-form content.

Rosenberg said he has observed “a real resurgence in the past few years for in-depth, high-quality journalism, high-quality storytelling”.

“I think people are realising that ‘hey, there’s more to the internet, there’s more to journalism and news than this’.”

And at The Times there has been a continued demand for long-form journalism on digital platforms. Lucia Adams added that platforms such as Twitter have actually “supported the consumption of long-form journalism, precisely because it’s a place where you can discover interesting things”.

Source: Journalism.co.uk | Image


  1. as time gose by many things will change. but yap, the reader needs content.

  2. Just like ancient proverb said; “content is king”

  3. Cost and mobility are two major factors why people prefer to newsroom. For me, both have uniqueness. I still hold both of them to get new stories.

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