Mystery explained: Twitter’s geo-location bug on Singapore


Twitter_Singapore_location_bugHave you experienced tweeting from Singapore but the geo-location info under your tweet keeps saying it as “Johore, Malaysia”, instead of “Singapore”? Many times, off course! “It’s been a funky Singapore issue for a long time,” said my friend Smitty.

Off course others already noticed Twitter on this issue multiple times, but I’m lucky since my tweet got replied by Twitter CTO Adam Messinger!

I once discovered “Riau, Indonesia” as a location in my tweet compose box, but it turned out to be “Johore, Malaysia” once it’s published, while my real location is Singapore. Weird.

“Sounds like problem with both phone/client _and_ our reverse geocoding,” Adam replied. “Bug reported to the Twitter geo team. Hopefully we can figure out what’s going on.”

Thanks Anyway, Adam, for your kindly response and conversation!

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  1. That sounds like a pain. I have always just assumed my location was correct and took it for granted that Twitter would always be right about that.

  2. I have been experiencing this problem ever since twitter had the location function. Whenever I’m in singapore the location will be johor malaysia. At first I thought it was because I stay near the causeway but even if I go to town area it’s still shows johor malaysia. So I totally stop using it. But surprisingly when I travel to South Korea the location was accurate..

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