MyBlogLog adds MySpace support


Steve Poland of TechCrunch recently wrote that MyBlogLog already added MySpace support. This service is just like a bridge to other social networking sites and blogs of us.

As 2006 closes in, my favorite web service of the year is MyBlogLog.
MyBlogLog has built the next generation social networking service. If Friendster/MySpace/etc are v1.0 of social networking websites, this is v2.0. The service has created a distributed social networking platform — allowing websites and blogs to enable social networking amongst their community of visitors.

MyBlogLog enables you to track that last little bit of information about your website. You probably already know where your users are coming from and you probably already know what pages they’re looking at while they’re there.

One way is to track when people click on the links you provide. Up until now, outbound link tracking has been a pain in the butt, requiring CGIs and managed links. MyBlogLog makes this process easy.

I also joined this service, and it’s really nice social networking service.


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