Must read list: Best and Worst of 2009


This is a must read list! Written by Loren Feldman of 1938media, I must say it’s a serious and witty list. Concise and to the point writing style.

My fav parts:

Best Tech Writer – Kara Swisher
Trust. That’s the bottom line, you can trust Swisher. She doesn’t go for link baiting idiocy like all the other tech sites. Just the facts please.

Worst Tech Writer – Dave Winer
Hey man. No one cares about your delusional attempts to open source twitter. It’s a business, and none of it is yours.

Best Social Media Site – Facebook
It has farmville and other idiotic games that will eventually lead the weak to gambling addiction problems. No one ever clicks on ads, they are just selling your personal habits to credit card companies.

Worst Social Media Site – Twitter
What a disaster. Tons of bots, no security, flooding search results with nonsense, and the only revenue is from your dopey tweets which they cant thread, save, or search correctly, so they had to sell it all to google and bing. Oh yeah, that security thing.

Best Gadget – iPhone
Still the standard

Worst Gadget – Crunchpad/JooJoo
A completely inept debacle amounting to nothing but paperwork and lawyers fees. If it even makes it to open court, I’ll be covering it for Court TV.

Best Comeback – Bing
Microsoft finally gets in the game game game.

Worst Comeback – Seesmic

The video sharing site is now a social media client. I thought social media has no clients. Whatever.

Product Of The Year – Echo
The comment section I’m using. It brings the web back to your home. Your blog. They actually charge money. Imagine that.

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