Moms who rock the blogging world

Moms Who Rock The Blogging World
Moms Who Rock The Blogging World

Have you seen the growing number of mom bloggers around the World Wide Web? It appears there are mother blogs popping up everywhere. Well this is a really great thing for women empowerment. In fact, I consider these mom blogs as one of the most amazing things to happen in the web for quite a while now. While many mom blogs simply describe family life, some fulfill certain niches. Here is a list of mom blogs that stand out because they speak about specific ideas or fulfill certain roles. Find out mother’s who rock in the online world!

I am Not a Baby Sitter: This blog written by Jamie Lynne Grummet talks about her experiences as mother of two children, one biological and the other adopted from Ethiopia, written mostly in a narrative manner. She typically expounds about lifestyle choices like attachment parenting and homeschooling, but also highlights important social issues like clean water in Ethiopia and same-sex marriage.

Jolly Mom: Jolly Mom by Piera Jolly is one of the most popular blogs around. Not just that, it is also amongst the most beautiful and well-organized blogs out there. Jolly offer creating tips, recipes, product reviews and even giveaways on her blog. Among her famous posts include “Beat the Heat With Some Yummy & Healthy Strawberry Yogurt Popsicles” and “Camping With Preschoolers — Activity Ideas.”

Screen Play: Jeana Lee Tahnk has her Screen Play blog on Parenting Magazine. She is a proud Asian mommy blogger. She typically talks about the convergence of tech and parenting and offers fabulous reviews of gadgets and applications for the modern family. Among her outstanding posts incorporate “Interactive Pajamas Is a Thing That Actually Exists” and “Possibly Twins Reunited through Facebook, Youtube and Kickstarter.” Tahnk is partner editor of Cool Mom Tech and a tech PR specialist.

CarleyK aka Digitwirl: Carley Knobloch flaunts her appeal as a vlogger in her tech-centered Youtube channel, Digitwirl which has now moved at CarleyKcom. With tips like how to digitize your old photographs and maintain your cash on Mint, Knobloch reviews applications, items and online services to help mothers and even daddys out there get the most out of accessible tech results.

DIY Inspired: Another Asian mommy blogger in our list is DIY Inspired by Dinah. It is often a humorous blog that motivate readers to present their own particular imaginative art task thoughts, and regularly offers different bloggers on her webpage. Dinah is an active pinner on Pinterest, as well, with 3000 followers. Her site has appropriated recognition from unmistakable mother blogging online networks, such as Top Mommy Blogs, Circle of Moms’ “Top 25 Creative Moms” and Martha’s Circle, a network of DIY web journals picked by Martha Stewart editors.

No doubt that everyone is getting hooked with these mom blogs spreading on the internet. They are very useful especially for those starter moms or moms facing difficulties. If you think that you can also help other moms, then why not create your own blog? There are so many places you can find on the internet to host a free blog. If you are new to web hosting or web designing, you can choose a web hosting provider that can help you get started with your blog.

First, choose from many different web hosting plans that can fit your budget. Complete the transaction with your provider. Second, purchase a domain name from any reputable domain registrar. Make sure that the name is relevant to your topic and get in a “.com” if it’s available. When you are done with the web hosting service and domain name, install a WordPress that will serve as your blogging platform. The installation process is easy and will only take you few minutes. It is also user friendly and easy to navigate. Finally, it’s time for you to write plenty of good content. Who knows, the next time we made a list of the best mom blogs around, you are already there. Good luck!


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