Mobile TV device, Nokia N92 hits Asia


Nokia will start global sales of its new N92 model in Asia in coming weeks It will start shipping in Vietnam and Indonesia, the company said. The company aimed to start selling the phone in the summer of 2006, but it has been waiting for the first commercial launches of networks. The phone has been used in non-commercial trials before.

Mobile TV Content provider, Vietnam Multimedia Corporation will launch its commercial service using the DVB-H technology (digital video broadcast—handheld) on November 18 to users of the Nokia N92. It has announced plans to offer eight TV channels, including one channel with a TV-on-demand service, and four radio channels for the particular model.

The N92 has a large 2.8″ anti-glare QVGA screen with 16 million colors and the dedicated media keys for TV viewing. Users can also interact with the TV, through services such as voting, program feedback and additional web discovery. In addition,the Nokia N92 supports the new Nokia Web Browser with Mini Map, for a semi-transparent zoomed-out view of a web page. Nokia N92 is also an XpressMusic device, with up to 2 GB memory card support, along with an FM radio with Visual Radio support.

Source: Tech2, Moconews


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