Mobile phone inventor using Droid and iPhone!


Martin Marty Cooper (born December 26, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is considered the inventor of the first handheld cellular phone. Right now, he is using Droid mostly; also mentioned iPhone; and admitted trying every cell phone out.

Cspan: What kind of cell phone do you have?

Martin Cooper: “It depends when you ask me. I, always have the latest cell phone, and I try every cell phone out, only because people like you keep asking me. Right now I’m using Droid, because I want to get some experience with the Android operating system, and I so far, have some pretty favorable results. I’ve had an iPhone, which I gave to my grandson, which he used for three months and then I had to upgrade to a  better version. And I’ve tried many other phones. For my day to day conversations I actually use the Jitterbug. So I carry two phones, one very simple phone that I can flip open that has a very simple phone book and nothing else. But when I want to twitter – tweet, then, I use my Droid.”

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