Mobile games market in China is growing fast


mobile_games_in_China_shutterstock_31207342The mobile gaming industry in China has skyrocketed as a result of games being offered for mobile phones and tablets. A report has said that every day, about a hundred games are introduced in the market. Gaming in social networks and even to top browsers had been replaced by mobile games like casino apps.

According to Niko, a company that is focused on the games market in Asia, this is a great year in China’s market for mobile devices. Kevin Hause, the company’s partner was quoted as saying that the fastest growing segment in China’s games market is that of mobile games.

Further, it is a common knowledge nowadays that China is one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world. Aside from that, smartphones are very cheap, too. The country is also upgrading its networks to 3G and 4G/LTE, making mobile gaming an even easier to promote. Niko has also found out that over a span of just a year, the country’s gaming market increased by almost 50% from $750M last year to $1.3M this year. This trend is expected to continue over a period of 4 years.

Another popular observation is that China is where most of the world’s smartphones are manufactured. In fact, the country manufactures millions of smartphones both for local and global consumption. Niko also predicts that by the end of this year 2013, half a billion smartphones will be up and running, compared to just a fifth of that figure early last year.

The boom of mobile gaming and one of which is mobile casino apps triggered the creation of more and more game designers and developers. As a result, the industry has become even more competitive, with each development company trying to outdo the other. This is a good scenario as it can only lead to the development or the improvement of the quality and standards of mobile gaming.

In the future, Chinese consumers will expect to get high quality games. In China, there are over eighty thousand game developers that are all aiming to become the best creators and also the biggest moneymakers.

A local newspaper has gone so far as to say that mobile gaming as an industry will grow bigger and bigger as the demand for smartphones continues to grow. This statement is not only intended for China alone but also Asia as a whole, especially when we consider Asia as the continent that has the most population, not to mention the biggest continent in the whole world. The days of the phone as primarily a communications device namely for calls and text messages has long been gone. In addition to browsing, camera, music and computer functions, the smartphone of today has also become a gaming device.

The smartphone has also replaced both the computer and portable gaming console when it comes to gaming functionality. Indeed, this dominant device has opened avenues that Chinese developers never dreamed of. According to Dan Brown, the owner of, one of the leading mobile paypal casinos site, perhaps the biggest edge of the smartphone over other devices is its convenience and flexibility.

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