Like a blog post? Just tip, fund and donate it to the blogger!


THAT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA AND WAY to support high-quality online content. My friend Jimmi Kembaren tipped me a cool site: TipTheWeb. The new service lets you directly support your favorite web content by tipping, and funding it, then donating an amount of money — like 25 cents or more. “Think a bookmark + pocket change,” the site says. You can tip what you like: articles, blog posts, photos, video, cartoons, etc.

TipTheWeb keeps track of all your Tips. Later, you can sign in to your account and fund your Tips, by making a donation to TipTheWeb (we’re a non-profit organization). When you donate to TipTheWeb to fund your tips, we use that money to make monthly awards to the publishers of the web content that you (and other TipTheWeb users) tip.

As we know, the vast majority of web content is available for free. Since great content always requires time, effort, and resources, while publishers (particularly small publisher; individual publisher like blogger –which is the majority one) can’t sell it easily and advertising isn’t also fruitful for them, that’s why community-supported web publishing like TipTheWeb finds its momentum.

So, as a publisher or writer,  if your blog posts or online contents get Tips through this approach, you can use this service’s simple verification processes, then you’ll be able to claim the tipped and funded content and get Awards!

When you get an award, you can choose how to receive it. The easiest option is to redeem your award as an Amazon Gift Card code, which you can use instantly at Other options (for amounts over $100) include receiving the money through your Paypal or Amazon Payments account.

Yeah. While browsing, you can use TipTheWeb’s bookmarklet to tip the content you’re enjoying. Let’s support your favorite stuff online!


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