Justin Bieber loses YouTube crown!


This is a great sample how a video service like YouTube could turned someone from zero to hero. From nobody to somebody.

These two young performers –Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black– got noticed since their Youtube videos went viral and gained the limelights. Lady Gaga is even third most popular on this context!

The fact that Bieber has a real talent, while Black not, that’s another story. But you got the point, right?

Dan Whitworth writes:

Justin Bieber has lost his King of YouTube crown to Rebecca Black. The Canadian super star’s YouTube channel regularly tops the monthly most viewed chart.

But the 17-year-old has been pushed into second place thanks to Rebecca’s song Friday, according to new figures from Famecount.com.

Many critics have described her heavily auto-tuned track as the worst ever but it’s helped her YouTube channel reach 112 million views.

[via BBC]


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