Journalism students turn to Wikipedia


This is another approach in using Wikipedia: for student assignment’s tool. There is no doubt it will spark a pros-cons discussion. A nice try though.

Journalism instructors Lynn Schofield Clark and Christof Demont-Heinrich said students are told to check their sourcing carefully, just as they would for an assignment at a local newspaper.

“There’s a sense of anxiety about it, because professors have a pretty negative attitude toward Wikipedia,” said Demont-Heinrich, who first assigned the Wikipedia writing to students in his introductory course taught during the university’s recent winter semester.

“Students are leery about mentioning Wikipedia, because they might be subjected to criticism. … But I tell them it’s an online source of knowledge that just has some information that might be questionable, but that doesn’t mean you have to dismiss all of [its content.”

[via eCampusNews]


  1. I strongly support Wikipedia for academic purpose, though some of my professor in Parahyangan Cahtolic University (UNPAR) don’t quite agree :)It’s simply a reference work in the context of Web 2.0. However, we need to cross-check the references. There’s a saying, there are many sources, but the filters is ours. (

  2. Nothing published randomly should be ever relied upon, and should always be checked using a trustworthy source.

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