Japan designer praises iPhone 5S beauty – Inside and out


Screen shot 2013-12-23 at 12.12.30 PMApple’s efforts to bring out the best seems to have been paid off; at least that is what Shunji Yamanaka, an industrial designer thinks. Yamanaka who is also working as a professor in a Tokyo institution is all praise for the sleek looking and fashionably designed iPhone 5S.  He notes that the quality is superb and marvels at the attention given painstakingly to detail.

A Designer’s Praise

Yamanaka is the founder of Leading Edge Design and doubles as the president too. The Tokyo University professor says that though the iPhone 5S carries only small and imperceptible improvements over the iPhone 5, they point to the meticulousness with which Apple approaches any of its chosen tasks in designing a superior device. An article titled “iPhone 5S’ Beauty is in the details” published in Nikkei on Thursday cites his statement with some authority.

The Japanese Kaizan

The Japanese concept of putting in efforts for continuous improvement instead of resting on laurels is called kaizan. Yamanaka opines that Apple has a strategy similar to kaizan in implementing its improvement ideas on its existing systems. Familiarization and popularization of Kiazen system goes back to 1950s when the American statistician W. Edwards Deming, visited Japan to conduct training in quality control and processes involved. The Japanese had latched on to the idea; Toyota is known for employing the method.

NiKKei’s Praise

The Nikkei article lists some of the most important improvements carried out in iPhone 5S model.

  1. Whereas iPhone 5S had gaps around buttons, the improved iPhone5S sees the gaps almost eliminated.  Button tolerances have improved too.  The article points to the existence of gap on the on-off button present in the earlier model and the absence of it in the latest one.
  2. The speaker grill design has intricate improvements increasing the speaker’s aesthetic value.
  3. The main circuit board in iPhone 5S is smaller. This has accorded more battery space.
  4. Apple’s efforts at improvement did not leave even the coils inside. They got smaller and are   tidily arranged lending the inside a pleasant look.
  5. The anodized aluminum edges in the phone have been subjected to a different kind of machining that has incorporated some not very discernible changes but all the same, give a feel of improvement.
  6. The Apple logo has seen refinement too. These may not be tangible to the casual looker eyes but cannot be missed by the people who look for it.

Little Things Add up

The article speculates on the popularity of iPhones and iPads in Japan and shows its appreciation that the attention Apple pays to even the small details.  The cumulative effect of the subtle changes can be seen in the overall look and performance of the new iPhone5s.

Apple’s Collaboration

World’s largest chip manufacturing company, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), has been collaborating with Apple and the improvements in the board inside the iPhone 5S might have something to do with the collaboration.

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[Image source: CNET]


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