James Bond ‘Skyfall’ cancelled Bali scenes, too


We knew that James Bond filmmakers has cancelled Skyfall shoot locations in India and South Africa.  But I really missed that, according to a report, initially they wanted to take some scenes in Bali, too!

Skyfall is the twenty-third film in James Bond seriesSkyfall includes scenes in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Turkey, Japan and China.

The Hisdustan Times wrote:

Apparently, producers EON and Sony Pictures have had to slash their budget dramatically, resulting in them scrapping plans to shoot in six exotic countries including India and Bali.

Actually, it’s the second times Indonesia missed Bond filmmaking opportunities.

Indonesia supposed to be one of shooting locations –besides France, Germany and UK– for  the making of Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), the eighteenth spy film the James Bond series, and the second to star Pierce Brosnan as the M16 agent.

Unlike Skyfall cancellation in India, South Africa and Indonesia due to budget concerns, Tomorrow crew faced problems in securing permission to shot in Indonesia. According to Indonesian blogger Iman Brotoseno, the country’s tourism official at that time refused to give permission for the film production. “I don’t like James Bond film, the plot doesn’t make sense,” said an official when met the production crew – as quoted by the blogger.

“Your country never change,” Nigel Goldsack of EON Productions told Mr. Brotoseno  before leaving Jakarta at that time. The crew then heading to Bangkok, Thailand, and start to make Tomorrow Never Dies scenes there.

Too bad. Big loss for Indonesia.


  1. it’s really a pity and a big loss indeed, why that such a high-rank official has a very limited views about the world. Moreover it’s a tourism-related official. Oh God.. May God Have Mercy on his soul

  2. Ahh, that explains the “Komodo dragons” in “Macau”!!
    Maybe this time around the producers were so desperate to include Indonesia that they made their own dragons. You know, maybe as way to tap into the Indonesia social media machine.

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