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If there were ever a device James Bond needed the most, it wouldn’t be a cell phone. But now M can keep track of him, the same way you can now keep track of the phones he uses.”

You might be waiting for the world premiere on Wednesday of “Quantum of Solace,” the eagerly awaited new Bond movie starring British actor Daniel Craig, right?

Like previous Bond film, Casino Royale (special silver versions of the K800 and K790 Cyber-shot camera phones), in this film, we’ll also see another phone from Sony Ericsson. This time, Bond will use the C902 Titanium silver edition.

The C902 Cyber-shot phone is used throughout the film by James Bond to capture evidence and assist the agent on his mission. The 5MP camera, with a unique slide-out lens cover, illuminated touch icons providing quick and easy access to camera options, face detection, photo flash and auto focus enables James Bond to send high resolution shots back to MI6 for quick recognition of his enemies.

James Bond uses mobile phone (Ericsson’s JB 988) for the first time in Tomorrow Never Dies. And it’s related to his great car:

Another great Bond car and again not an Aston Martin. This car was armed with an impressive array of gadgets – it’s bullet proof, laden with sunroof fired mini-missiles, metal spike dispensers, grenades and a cutter hidden behind the BMW badge. The best thing was though that it was remote controlled by a mobile phone – how cool is that!

Actually, Bond once used a car phone (From Russia With Love), but of course, it’s not counted as a mobile phone.

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