Jakarta, Asia’s next Silicon Valley?


TechCrunch’s piece on how Indonesians’ startups companies keep struggling and growing. One for sure, according to the article, Indonesia is absolutely unique among other countries –in term of the nature of start-ups companies. And their expectations.

What is the Biggest Challenge Indonesian Web Entrepreneurs Face? Surprisingly, no one I asked said capital or exits. The relative lack of big, lucrative coding jobs from the multinationals like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft and the lack of venture capital have kept developer wages and costs of building a startup incredibly low. No one seems to feel a real pain for venture capital, because none of these companies are started with an expectation of it. This makes Indonesia absolutely unique among the 11 or so countries I’ve visited in the last two years. Instead, the pain point is finding developers.


  1. well this is good news.now indonesian had been officially acknowledged as the potential startup for web service.

  2. a huge population, not a huge difference between bahasa Indonesia and English, growing English communities such as this one popping up everywhere and a growing economy, don’t just hope believe so :)

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